About us
Water-Inn is a company developing the services of the design, use and sale of water parks in Europe. For your needs, we are able to offer an already assembled inflatable water park model or we can create a unique park based on your needs and preferences. We offer buying an inflatable water park and expanding your range of services, as well as increasing the flow of guests in your OBJECT.
Our advantages
Our prices are competitive. The quality of our products is as good as that of our competitors and we have a wider selection of unique figures. We carry out installation and maintenance services that are closer to you, as well as provide a European warranty, and “from – to” of the Know How business plan (since we use analogous parks ourselves).
Versatility of inflatable parks
Inflatable water parks are assembled from separate figures, which allows connecting the parks into the planned designs or the figures can be used separately. Universal figure design allows to assemble various desired configurations, model parks, as well as expand and change them by adding new figures. Inflatable parks provide the opportunity to swing, slide, crawl, and jump on and off various different figures. This form of entertainment is great for the entire family, both for sport and for games. Parks can be formed to have several difficulty levels, thus adapting the parks for both the smallest visitors and those who are very sporty.
Inflatable park systems
All products are produced and updated based on the latest technologies. Parts are manufactured to comply with the highest quality and safety standards. Tests are carried out before mass production, making sure that the product complies with all the safety and quality requirements. Reinforced PVC fabric is used for production, which is elastic and has better adhesion, therefore the product is particularly durable. All metal parts are made from stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion.
Inflatable park systems
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